If you’ve seen the wheelie practice videos on Instagram, you’ve seen me on a new piece of property. No, I haven’t bought my own piece of land. My father in law bought this spot to get away from the city and has allowed Liam and me to play trail builder.

The first thing I laid out when we started riding on the property was the grass track. A fun, flowy grass track right by where we’re parking the cars keeps us close to the kids, close to the fire and close to the food! When Liam and his little riding buddies are on it, we can see them at all times. Once the grass track was well ridden in, it was time to start building a piece of single track off in the woods.

The concept is the same, keep this single track flowy, close to the cars and relatively short. I also knew I wanted to tie in to the grass track so we could only ride the trail, only ride the grass track or ride them together for a longer loop of epicness. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Since I hadn’t done any real trail work in a long time, my tools were well worn. I asked the community on Instagram and received lots of great feedback. I settled on FISKARS as the brand the go after. There was also talk of handheld chainsaws and smaller loopers, but since I am always in short walking distance from the car, light or easily packable wasn’t needed at the moment.

Trail Building Tools Purchased

FISKARS 25″ Loopers
FISKARS 10″ Folding Saw
FISKARS 24″ Machete

After four different times working on the trail, some alone and some with help, it is now fully rideable. I do have one more section I’d like to add in the current grove of trees, but Red Bull Override and Grinduro will come first!


Solo filming some of the trail: https://www.instagram.com/p/CITEYVWo5PO/