Racing and riding dirt bikes is something we all enjoy, that’s why you’re here. You enjoy the adrenaline, the challenge and the wind in your hair. With virtual reality, we may be losing the wind in your hair aspect of riding outside. If Castrol’s new Titanium Strong Virtual Drift video tells us anything, it’s that the fun we enjoy on our dirt bikes could one day be amplified by the addition of virtual reality.

This could just be a well produced video or it could be the ‘next big thing’. If you were the driver and the experience you got behind the wheel was as intense and fun as the video Castrol put out, it would be easy to see a lot of money being turned over from many bank accounts.

virtual drift by castrol

What are your thoughts? Is this just a cool video or will small airports soon become the new playground for virtual reality driving games?

Want to make your own? Here’s how they did it!