This was shot using our GoPro’s at the TCCRA Buffalo Creek race during practice on May 19th. Cecil strapped on his helmet mounted camera and I dawned the ‘chesty’. I really like just saying that word, ‘chesty’. There hasn’t been much moisture around in Texas recently, so these were some dusty conditions. And as is what typically happens, the conditions just got worse throughout the day.

Not too sure what the deal is lately, but staying upright has been sort of an issue for me. You can see first hand in this video some of the times I laid it over (there are more not in the edit). Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the bike; I’d rather blame the bike and continue thinking I am perfect (HA!). Cecil and I had fun regardless, Cecil getting a good laugh watching me pick myself up off the ground.

There will be more awesome to come, as the summer is just getting started!

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