Justin Jones and Robby Bell are both west coast racers who make a living racing WORCS. They both dabble in other series and have fun racing heir dirt bikes.

Justin Jones recently raced Round 2 of the Outdoor Motocross series at Glen Helen. He finished 28th overall, very respectable for an offroad racer. We chat with him about his health, his motocross performance and competing at the ISDE this year to defend the Junior Trophy.

Robby Bell is always a great guest. He is passionate and educated and willing to share his knowledge. He recently won Cedar City WORCS, beating Gary Sutherlin in what was a hard fought battle. He also shares some of his health tips and his excitement at heading back to Disney World this summer.

We’re riding Crested Butte this summer, join us: http://adventures.seattime.co

Justin Jones raced Glen Helen and Robby Bell won WORCS

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