X Games Medalist Mike Brown and Tarah Gieger join Brian Pierce and Mark McDonald to talk X Games Enduro X, Austin and being afraid of the guys on the couch with the beer.

If you didn’t know Mike Brown, you would think a 43 years old is crazy and has no reason to be racing kids half his age at X Games. Luckily for those that do know him, know that he’s just as capable on a dirt bike as he was back in 2001 (when he won his 125cc National Championship). This past weekend in Austin, Texas, ‘Brownie’ won another X Games Gold Medal and was damn excited about it (as he should be). We chat with him about the weekend and how badass it felt to add to his X Games medal collection.

Tarah Gieger has been on the scene for a long time. She’s a Red Bull athlete that has a potent smile, loves a good time and can ride dirt bike (sometimes in the nude). She fought bar to bar with Laia Sanz during the Women’s Enduro X event in Austin, having her best Endurocross race to date. Her smile is contagious, so we hope you enjoy her enthusiasm.

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X Games Silver Medal Red Bull Athlete Tarah Gieger

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