Alexander Smith, son of Malcolm Smith, is racing the Dakar Rally! Going to be a heck of an adventure. Kris Keefer and Gary Sutherlin talk 2016, testing product and hitting kickers.

Alexander Smith is a hard worker, he doesn’t take his heritage lightly. He might work in the family business, but he is forging his own path behind the scenes of the racers in the forefront. We were made aware of Alexander’s 2016 Dakar Rally adventure from our friends at Dirt Buzz. Their feature was a well done article that really dug deep into Alexander, his Baja rides and how that transitioned into him following his fathers footsteps competing at the Dakar Rally.

Following Alexander was Kris Keefer, from Dirt Rider, and Gary Sutherlin, of Bad Ass Racer ‘R Us.  Having one of these guys on the show is fun, having them on together in the same place was a recipe for a glorious disaster. We talked about puppies from Milestone, product reviews, testing new bikes, Sutherlin’s 2016, Dirt Rider’s Rider of the Year and MUCH more. Hopefully you enjoyed the good times as much as we did!

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