We’re back for our first show of 2016! We had Quinn Cody on to discuss the Dakar Rally current standings and Mitch Carvolth to talk offroad racing.

Toby Price has been killing it at the Dakar Rally this year. We talk about how we think he’s able to do so well. We also discuss Alexander Smith, Ricky Brabec, Scott Bright and Ian Blythe.

Mitch Carvolth is a privateer offroad racer. We all know that’s a tough job to have. His van life is tough, but randomly flying to Ecuador sounds pretty damn cool.

Brian Pierce and Jordon Bailey are on the couch, bringing you the latest offroad news. Let’s have fun and enjoy a pint full of awesome! Oh, we talk about Weston Peick/Vince Friese and Ryan Dungey/James Stewart!

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