This past weekend, we were lucky enough to have Dallas Supercross in town. Papa Pierce and Woody attended and chat about their experience. Johnny Barber from GasGas Motos came on to talk about the new direction for GasGas Motos and how they can regain some lost brand support. Lastly, we had a fun update clip from Cody Webb talking about his performance in Argentina at the FIM Maxxis SuperEnduro.

Christian Craig and Joey Savatgy got together in the 250West Main in Dallas. The whoops were fun to watch, the wall in the middle causing some needed additions to the race track. Though everyone has an opinion, we share ours on the situation. We also touch on a few other fun topics from the day of watching racing at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Johnny Barber is supporting a new race effort in the north east for GasGas Motos as they try to bring their brand back from bankruptcy. They’re starting at the ground level and growing on a tearly basis, hoping to be GNCC racing again by 2018.

Cody Webb didn’t have the weekend of racing he was hoping for at the third round of the FIM Maxxis SuperEnduro in Argentina. He gave us a quick update as the team stayed south of the equator waiting for the Brazilian round this weekend.

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