It’s the penultimate episode of the year, crazy to say that. We only have one more episode to go for the year of 2013 and we’re very pleased to have Zack Huberty and Wiley Watson on the show to talk offroad and their recent endeavors. We did have some trouble with timing and Wiley getting on the show, but we made it work.

Zack and Woody talk in-depth about the offroad industry and how we can possibly learn from the Mountain Bike community on product development, innovation and pushing the limits. Great discussions happened and we would love to hear your feedback.

Wiley Watson recently realized his new movie Offroad Essentials. He tried a different approach this time, making a fun, new type of How-To video. We got a chance to talk with him about his favorite riders to shoot with, favorite spots and how Kurt Caselli helped shape his early career, as Caselli did with many other people.

Our last episode of the year will be next Tuesday at 8pm. Please tune in, bring a friend and be ready to support the awesome!

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Seat Time Episode 110 w/ Huberty and Watson