BITD, WORCS and SORCS are just a few of the Series that have already kicked off their 2013 Season’s. We were lucky enough to have representative’s from both coasts for the show last night. Robby Bell, WORCS Racer and Disneyland lover, was holding down the pacific time zone for us while Russell Bobbitt, tight woods racer and PDS lover, was our eastern time zone ambassador. Per the norm, we had a few technical difficulties, but our friend Steven Rice was sitting in to help us try to stream line the process to get you the best show possible.

Robby Bell was the WORCS season opener runner up to defending champion Taylor Robert in Peoria, Arizona. Russell Bobbitt was the SORCS season opener runner up to GNCC racer Charlie Mullins in Wrens, Georgia. Never being satisfied with a second place finish, both of these guys have thoughts and a process on how to make it to the top step of the podium. Listen in as we discuss their off seasons, program changes and how a gluten-free, gummy egg diet can make you a winner. Thanks to everyone for listening and remember to always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome.

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Episode 70 w/ Robby Bell and Russell Bobbitt