J Day Offroad has been fulfilling its tagline, creating a future for offroad racing that could continue to leave some less forward thinking Series in the proverbial dust. We asked a few of J Day’s Rippas to come onto the show so we could learn more about these ‘To The Bar’ kidzzz.

To say that these accented yankees are quite, calm and mild mannered would be an outright lie. Jason Connell is the personality (who used to be a quad rider), Johnny Girroir is the talent (now riding KTMs) and Nick Batton is the muscle (no jokes, we don’t want to get General B upset).

We hope y’all enjoy listening in to this episode as much as we enjoyed filming it. Serious characters who love doing one thing, taking it to the bar!

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Seat Time Episode 86 with J Day Offroad Rippas