Lots of little things to discuss as we start to hit a lull in the racing for the summer. Jared Bolton and Woody discuss some of the smaller things in the world of offroad.

The 2016 GNCC Racing Series took a break after Snowshoe while the Full Gas Sprint Enduro just finished round 5 of their Series. This is as close to a lull in racing as we’ll get, except that the National Enduro Series has Round 6 coming up in two weeks in Pennsylvania.

Jared Bolton and Brian Pierce decide to discuss some of the more random things that have been going on in offroad as of late. Things we don’t typically discuss since we have specific riders on. Hopefully you enjoy this dive into the world of a ginger working for Racer Productions.

Seat Time Adventures is next week, so be on the look out for updates, pictures and videos posted on the internet!

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