Taylor Robert and Hunter Neuwirth are both competing this coming weekend at the 2016 Kenda Tennessee Knockout in Sequatchie, Tennessee. These two racers will start their Sunday at the Trials Training Center to try and prove they can knock Cody Webb off his first place podium!

We first met Hunter Neuwirth at the 2015 TKO Enduro where he did a hell of a job qualifying for Sunday’s event. He didn’t make the final main, but he did a hell of a job trying. He’s also competed at Erzberg twice, continuing to gain more extreme enduro knowledge. This year he doesn’t have to ride on Saturday, so he should be fresh and ready to go on Sunday.

Taylor Robert has been traveling the globe while competing at the Enduro GP’s. He’s 8th overall currently, and 4th in the E2 class. Robert talks about the transition to riding a PDS, the class structure changing at the World Enduro level and how he’s ready for some two stroke extreme enduro action.

Reminder that it’s available on iTunes and Stitcher as well. Review our 2015 Kenda TKO Enduro Photo Epic.

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