Kyle Redmond finished third at the 2016 Kenda Tennessee Knockout and Will Presson, an amateur who made it into the top 25, were on the show to discuss the TKO Enduro, the upcoming Endurocross Series and offroad news in general.

We’ve seen Kyle Redmond continually move his way up the ranks throughout the years. His time on the BETA factory team has proven to be what he needed have the strength and consistency to be a top contender. With the Endurocross Series kicking off this weekend in Atlanta, we’ll be excited to see how the race treats the BETA rider.

Will Presson has been competing at the Tennessee Knockout for many years. He and his friends have been trying to make the final 25 since day one. Now that he has made it to the second knockout round, he’s going to train and fight for the final 15.

The 2016 Endurocross Series kicks off in Atlanta this weekend. This is the first year the schedule has been so truncated, and placed at the end of the year. Though it seemed weird at first, it should be much better for the racers, fans and promoters, keeping all aspects of the racing fresh on the brain.

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