After doing the Hydro Pack Review, we got a lot of comments asking about the Stow Away II jacket we used on Seat Time Adventures. Our Stow Away Jacket Review discusses a small issue, but also some great highlights that we knew could help everyone make an informed decision on what to buy.

The Stow Away is named correctly. This jacket collapses in on itself and easily fits in many places in packs or in gear bags. It also has a buckle/strap system so you could wear it as a fanny pack to keep yourself a bit more hands free.

When the rain came on Seat Time Adventures, we tried to quickly pull the jacket out and put it on. The only issue we had was that it isn’t a full zipper in the front. Our helmeted head didn’t fit through the front zipper when unzipped. Having to remove our helmet and put it back on, during the rain, was a bit of a hassle.

Other than that though, the jacket worked great. It has large vents so you can breath with the jacket on and usable pockets. It kept us dry when on, which is the whole point!

A removable hood is also a nice feature. If using the jacket as a rain jacket at any event or without gear, the hood is nice to keep the head dry. When riding though, zip it off before packing and your helmeted head should keep the rain out.

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