Fly Racing just released their new XC70 & XC100 hydration packs. They sent us the XC100 before Seat Time Adventures 2.0, so we knew we needed to use the pack for the trip. With 5 days of riding in Colorado, the hyrdo pack got lots of use and abuse.


With multiple outside facing compartments, it’s easy to access the tools and supplies you’ve brought with you on the trail. We didn’t use the cell phone pocket for a cellphone, but we’re sure it would work great.


The internal adjustment straps seemed weird at first, but they are very much set it and forget it. The velcro micro adjust straps around the abdomen are great for snugging up the pack after the top straps are set.


Use of the Hydrapak bladder for this hydration pack is great, Hydrapak has been making great bladder systems for years, so Fly Racing using a tried and true bladder is smart and allows them to focus on making a great pack.

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