A two-day guided dirt bike ride in Post, Texas on the U Lazy S Ranch with a portion of the proceeds going to the Kurt Caselli Foundation.

Day one of the Grinduro is always the longer day on the bike. We get up early and hit the trail with the sunrise. This year was a bit more hectic since my Sherco rear end was locked up. Thinking quick, Clayton Smith let me take his KTM 300 XC-W out for a ride. It was REALLY weird being back on a KTM. The cockpit felt really open, but the handlebars felt crazy high. I never truly felt comfortable on the bike, but was happy to be riding anything instead of sitting at camp all weekend.

If you’re wondering what happened to the Sherco, the Delta Link froze up on one of the through bolts. Being a poor mechanic will come back to bite you when you least expect it. We’ll be fixed up with new parts and riding single track again in no time. 

The 83+ miles we rode on day one really took its toll on me. I hadn’t ridden that much milage in a LONG time. Even though I was tried and moving slow, it was the best kind of sore. 

The Grinduro games wrap up day one. This year we had knockout, trials, dirt bike limbo and barrel racing. The addition of barrel racing was fun. I did miss the dual slalom, but watching Ben Kelley, Josh Toth and all the riders circle around those barrels at speed was very impressive. 

Day two took us out on the extreme ride. There are more mellow extreme rides, but I always like to go with the extra extreme. Being on a new to me bike, and not on the bike a ton this year, I felt much more skittish than I normally do. I made the majority of the climbs, while also providing plenty of entertainment for all those watching. Thanks Landon Landry for capturing my epic crash toward the end of the day.

As Russell Bobbitt would say, “2nd Gear”.

The Grinduro is a hoot of an event, but you have to sign up for it months in advance. It’s well worth it if you can manage to grab a spot. As of now, I plan on attending Grinduro 6 if, and when, it happens. Fingers crossed the Sherco, my body, and my mind, are ready for the extreme ride challenge. 

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