This is the closest to a Hard Enduro Tutorial that we’ve ever posted. The information Graham Jarvis shared while talking about riding over the tractor tires was too good not to share on it own. He breaks down exactly how we need to approach the obstacle, and how to adjust when we screw up. Hopefully this is helpful and y’all can get out there and start practicing! Let us know how it goes!!!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the full clinic recap, watch that here.

Three Key Points riding over Big Obstacles

1. Tap the obstacle with your front wheel

We want to loft our front tire so that we tap the obstacle. The taller the obstacle, the closer to the top we want to tap. This allows our front tire and suspension to rebound, which lofts our front higher with less energy.

2. Pull up on the handlebars

Now that we have the front wheel lifting with little energy, we need to use our arms to continue that upward trajectory.

3. Straighten our legs

Now that we have the front wheel high enough to cover the obstacle, we need to straighten our legs. Straightening our legs drives the rear wheel into the ground, and then the obstacle, for maximum traction.

There’s a lot more that goes into it when it comes to clutch/throttle activity, but that’s in the video 😉.


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