This is one of those precious moments in life that I will remember forever. I may even remind my kids and grandkids of this moment while I am on my death bed.

The evening back in March of 2011 was a special evening at SMS Racing. We were filming our 10th Episode (no one thought we would make it to six) and Brian Storrie was nice enough to let us film at his shop, with him and his wicked fun employees. Josh was behind the counter the whole time drinking his Coors Light (or whatever he drank at the time) and dipping. Josh is a redneck and always has something funny to say, so we knew interviewing him would be good. We as well challenged him to a friendly chug-off at the end.

I am not going to ruin it for you, you must watch the end for yourself. But I do think you will laugh and store it in that little spot in your brain for all the weird and twisted videos that the Internet provides for your amusement. Enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome and CHEERS to Al Gore!