This past weekend we attended the National Enduro in Oklahoma City, OK. Having attended races for the better part of our lives, we always hoped for more things to do while hanging out on Saturday afternoons. This is why we decided to do a live Seat Time show at the event. FLY Racing was kind enough to come on as a supported for this show, without them we couldn’t have had the technology needed to broadcast live from the event. Please stop by and show them some love for their generous support.

This show we wanted to showcase some of the top Enduro racers that were attending the event. Being a National, we had quite the pickings to choose from. We started with Clay Stuckey because they were kind enough to offer up one of their demo Sherco 300’s for me to race on the following day. This is an awesome bike that I easily through a leg over and rode to a 72nd place overall after having not raced since April. Reach out to Clay or check them out on their website at

Big thanx to all the riders and those that stopped by to say hi. Hopefully the fun we are bringing to the races is something we can keep up. We love getting involved and having a chance to socialize with all the racers and families. Remember to enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome and stop check out our weekly videocast on Tuesday nights at 8pm cst.

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