Sure, this goggle shown in the video is designed and built for Skiers. But knowing that Oakley has a whole slew of motorcyclists on the payroll, you can be sure we will see these on them as a moto goggle. Some of the features would be great for moto and some would suck.

Best Feature, the Switchlock Technology. I hate when goggles act all funky and the lens just will not line up. This feature seems to be a quick three step process; unlock, switch and lock. It is more difficult to get drunk sometimes.

I like the idea of a heads up display because I am a geek. But what happens if something triggers the heads up display while you are in motion, fast motion? Is it all Minority Report style and you can actually ‘see’ through it, or are you going to go blind by a friend calling or trying to find you?

I think the music feature would be fun for all who want to listen to music while riding. It is always a bitch to take off your goggles and gloves, move your iPod into a viewable area through your helmet and select a song. If you can easily toggle through a playlist off a device on your person through a watch, I think it would simplify things.

The ‘Buddy Tracking’ would be great for trail riding. There have been plenty of times when I found myself alone in the woods, helmet off listening for any kind of motor sound to head toward. Something of this feature could at least tell you what direction to go in to hopefully find the people that left you. Of course, if they did it on purpose, they will be watching you on their goggles and keep alluding you.

I could care less about the ‘Jump Analytics’. I know I suck at jumping, nothing new there.

Couple questions though. What happens if you lose the watch? Can you attach a heart rate monitor to this as well? Can you watch porn while riding?

Pretty cool setup, neat innovation and good on Oakley for pushing the boundaries of shit you can spend your money on.