With the start of the New Year, Papa Pierce and Woody took a trip out to Barnwell Mountain to get some riding in. Luckily some friends were headed out as well, so we tagged along for a fun day of trail riding with some talented crew.

Woody strapped on the Garmin VIRB XE, using their chest mount strap, to see what footage on the dirt bike would look like. This is a direct export and upload from the VIRB Edit program, the only addition was that of the GPS data overlay. Having the metrics from the GPS is wicked cool, but damn it sucks the battery dry quickly.

White balance on the VIRB XE might be in question. With little time to analysis footage, we’re not for certain, but it looks like the sensor might have trouble fine tuning a good auto white balance. The chest strap as well had some issues today, more to come on that as we see if it’s a normal occurrence or something specific to today.

Thanks for watching and we hope everyone had a great New Years.

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