Cory Graffunder, the guy who rides the weird bike, earned himself a Bronze Medal at X Games 18 in Enduro X. We haven’t had a chance to talk to Cory before his great result at the X Games, but after this interview, we know we will have to do so regularly. He is funny, witty and Canadian, which makes for some funny conversations.

Cory has been competing in the Endurocross Series for a few years and this is not his first podium in the Series. But he was hurt last year and had to watch the Enduro X event from the sidelines. This year he was healthy and did a great job coming back from the LCQ to get his first X Games medal. I’m sure he wants to see if he can gain a different type of medal in the coming years. Only time will tell and we look forward to seeing Cory rocking the EX Stadiums to come.

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