Jordon Bailey takes us through some of the fun offroad news going on out there in the world.

If you haven’t seen Racer X video introducing the all-new 2015 YZ250FX and the brand-new 2015 WR 250F at Cahuilla Creek MX, it’s time you check it out. David Pingree and Ami Houde take us through their thoughts on the new machines. We might of had a little fun at Ami’s expense.

Next is some awesome footage from a Finnish event called the Kärme Kustaa. Apparently the weather was a bit warmer than normal, so ther was much more mud than normal.

We finish off with some news from Ryan Sipes and his Husqvarna deal. Maybe one day people will realize it doesn’t need to be as secretive as they think it does.

Racer X Online YZ 250FX and WR250F Video:
XRacing Finnish Bog:
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