In the Endurocross world, more and more riders are coming out of the closet. They are finally admitting that they once wore the tight kits of a fashionable Trials rider. Cody Webb is one of those riders who has turned in his tight wardrobe ways for the more loose fitting gear of a big bike enthusiast. But having a trials background isn’t a guarantee that you are going to stand on the podium at an Endurocross event or win Gold at the X Games. Endurocross riders have become their own breed of racers and have really started to showcase a whole new skill set that you cannot find anywhere else in the world of off-road racing.

Luckily Cody Webb had just gotten done reworking his endurocross track and gave us some insights into what changes he made and why. He also just spent a few days in Mexico fighting off food poisoning while filling in at the Nuclear Cowboys show. Looking forward to training for the Ontario round of Endurocross, he is going to hit a few races this summer. Driving across the country will be a fun time, he can always call us if he gets bored and needs a laugh.

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