The Sprinter Van Floor is DONE! In this video, I take the floor templates I created from the part one video and glue on the pvc flooring, install the L-Track and add some trim.

Part One Video

The grey small coin pvc flooring you see in this video is from Garage Flooring LLC. I purchased the felt backed type for better adhesion. You can get the non-felt backed flooring, but they recommend using their adhesive if you do that. I used their adhesive and got the felt back flooring, double duty!

Garage Flooring LLC:

Installing the L-Track (Logistic Track) was the part of this that was the most interesting. If you haven’t crawled around on the ground underneath your van yet, get ready, you will. Luckily L-Track is easy to find and many companies make accessories for it.

The trim I used at the end of the video is from Home Depot. It’s 1/20″ aluminum l-bracket. It’s sold in 8′ sections if I remember correctly. I didn’t recess the heads, I liked the idea of the black on the bare aluminum finish.

Thanks for watching.

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