What an adventure this Sprinter Motovan Conversion has been. I thought I was going to make great headway back in 2019 when I started on the ceiling panels. Who knew I would procrastinate as bad as I did (🙋🏻) and that 2020 would set the entire world back. Luckily I have put real plans in place to finish off the Motovan Build.

The wall panels for the sprinter are already being made and mounted. After the wall panels are mounted, I will finish up the electrical for the van. The majority of the wires are run, I just need to install the electrical box, inverter, and some larger cables for shore power charging.

If you have any questions about the van build, please ask them in the comments. The Parts List is for Amazon and has the majority of all the small parts I have used during this project.

Amazon Parts List:
Motovan Conversion Video Playlist:

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