While racing the 2023 Cajun Classic 100 Mile Enduro, I smashed my two stroke pipe into a hell of a large stump. I bought a Two Stroke Pipe Repair Kit from eBay and went after blowing out the dents.

The kit I bought was from RJS MFG on eBay. The process is simple, but it can be a bit nerve-racking. You tighten the two pieces of the kit on the two ends of your two stroke pipe. From there, you add air into the pipe. Then you begin to heat around the dents in the pipe, slowly bringing the air pressure up if needed. The gauge on the kit I bought was very helpful, as I didn’t want to go above 100psi in the pipe. I was very fearful of the exhaust end flying off.

As I was watching How To videos and searching for more, I couldn’t find a good ‘How To Install’ the two stroke pipe repair kit. So I made sure to go a bit deeper on that portion. As for the dent removal, go slower than you think you need to. There’s no reason to rush this part of the dent removal. You’re heating up pressurized air, it can get dangerous! As you heat up the pipe, the psi in the pipe also increases, so make sure you watch the gauge as you heat up your dents.

Do I think I could have done a better job fine-tuning some of the dents? Sure, but I really wanted to work on getting the shape of the pipe back, instead of the perfect looking pipe. If you have advice on how to get the smaller ‘sharp’ dents worked out a bit more, drop your comments on the video so we can all take that knowledge moving forward.

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