Nov 10, 2013 – In an attempt to bring a bit more entertainment to the Saturday before a typical Sunday TSCEC Enduro, the Barnwell Mountain Dirt Riders decided to hold a Sprint Enduro Challenge on Saturday. Though there were some obvious kinks, the Sprint Enduro was challenging for the riders, great for spectating and a welcomed addition to a weekend of racing. For this first attempt at the new format, Cole Kirkpatrick won the first test and Haydn Franklin won the second and third tests.

Cole Kirkpatrick : Sprint Enduro Challenge

The BMDR laid out three short, but challenging, tests for the event. All riders had two attempts at the half mile long sections to put down their fastest lap. The top five then progressed into the final round for that test, which was the purse paying round. Fastest time wins the $200 purse.

Kirkpatrick showcased his tight woods riding in the first test. This test was the tightest, with a lot of weaving in and out of the areas piney woods. There was one hill that didn’t look to be much of a challenge at first, but it quickly deteriorated into a tough section that drew a lot of spectators.

Cameron Kirkpatrick : Sprint Enduro Challenge

Franklin put his trials skills to good use on the second and third tests. The second test seemed to be a bit faster for the riders, ending in a pretty nasty hill climb. The riders had no momentum as they came out of the woods and attacked the hill. Many bikes and riders performed aerial feats that kept the crowd cheering.

The third test was the most diverse, having a little bit of everything, including Sidewinder Hill back from the 2005 GNCC. In the same fashion as the second test, the third test ended in a very technical hill climb. Lined with spectators, the riders attacked the stair step climb with plenty of vigor. Some of the riders cleaned it every time and some riders had ‘issues’. It was the perfect way to wrap up the event.

James Hill : Sprint Enduro Challenge

After all was said and done, everyone loved the event. It was close to camp, easy for spectators and something that could be done in just a few hours. Hopefully we will see more of these events in the future and continue to see Clubs thinking outside the box.


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