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4 Tips to Ride your Dirt Bike Faster w/ Cole Kirkpatrick ​
May 8, 2023

Cole Kirkpatrick helps us take a few steps back from trying to just “ride fast” to create long term fun, balance on the bike, and ways to build up aggression.

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Russell Bobbitt riding dirt bikes and mountion bikes
EP 22.11 | Russell Bobbitt – Lean Back & Let ‘er Eat!
November 3, 2022

A Two Wheel chat w/ Russell Bobbitt about bike setup, racing in Canada, Gnarly Routes, and Mountain Bike Stage Racing!

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Cole Kirkpatrick racing in West Texas.
22.2 | Cole Kirkpatrick, Moving on from Professional Racing
February 8, 2022

Cole and Woody chat racing dirt bikes at the highest level and what it feels like when you know it’s time to move on.

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Two Days (almost) riding dirt bikes in West Texas
December 30, 2021

The Grinduro dirt bike event is a two-day weekend riding West Texas single track that is all about the miles and the smiles.

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Cole Kirkpatrick : Sprint Enduro Challenge
Sprint Enduro Challenge : Cole Kirkpatrick : Test 1
November 14, 2013

This past weekend was the Iron Ore Enduro and Sprint Enduro Challenge put on by the Barnwell Mountain Dirt Riders. The…

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Cole Kirkpatrick and Haydn Franklin have success at the Sprint Enduro Challenge
November 10, 2013

Nov 10, 2013 – In an attempt to bring a bit more entertainment to the Saturday before a typical Sunday TSCEC…

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Cole Kirkpatrick vs Ian Blythe
Who Won the Test? Cole Kirkpatrick vs Ian Blythe
March 1, 2013

Cole Kirkpatrick & Ian Blyth showcase how close in speed top enduro racers truly are. This is from the 2013 Lone Star TSCEC Enduro.

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2013 Lone Star Two-Day Enduro : Day 2, Test 2 w/ Cole Kirkpatrick
February 26, 2013

In an attempt to recreate the awesome that was the footage from the Red Canyon Enduro, Cole Kirkpatrick wore the Seat…

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2013 TSCEC Red Canyon Enduro : Test Section Five w/ Cole Kirkpatrick
February 15, 2013

CHUCK NORRIS! Only the A & B riders started this test, but the B riders were lucky enough to have multiple…

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2013 TSCEC Red Canyon Enduro : Test Section Four w/ Cole Kirkpatrick
February 13, 2013

This is a section that we did not ride on Saturday, Day One, so the trail was new to us. Though…

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