Cole Kirkpatrick joins Woody for Episode 22.2 of the Seat Time Podcast. This has been a long time coming, as we’ve known Cole since his A Class TSCEC days! 11 years after Cole’s last year following the entire National Enduro Series as a professional racer, he’s still winning local TSCEC enduros. That type of longevity, speed, and fun, seems hard to keep up with. We learn a few tips of the trade that the rest of us can try to apply for extra throttle twisting.

“I was ready for something different, and I knew I lost that edge”.

Cole Kirkpatrick

One topic that really interested us was what it felt like to be done as a professional racer. Cole spent five years, 2007-2011, chasing the National Enduro Series, even riding on the Factory GasGas Team (before KTM purchased them), and then one day he knew he was done. That level of effort can take its toll on the body and the mind, it was really cool to get Cole’s take on that part of his life. He also lived with Russell Bobbitt and Kurt Caselli, if only there had been more time for more stories. 

2022 marks the fifth year that Cole and Russell will be running Gnarly Routes, “a riding experience that offers guests a riding vacation they will never forget”. They find some locations and trails that most of us scout youtube for so we can salivate over the terrain. Reach out to them if you’re looking to follow along on their riding adventures from a first person point of view. We all know riding dirt bikes is way better in real life.

Enjoy #GettingSeattime and if we don’t see you on the trail, we’ll see you on the Internet.

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