This weekend will be a first in the GNCC record books. Two champions, XC1 and XC2, will be crowned by the rider that finishes ahead of the other. Kailub Russell is one point ahead of Paul Whibley in the XC1 class and Steward Baylor Jr is one point ahead of Jason Thomas in the XC2 class. All four of these riders have different styles and different mindsets when approaching a race. The action should be high and the racing dramatic.

We at Seat Time want to spice it up a bit. We want you to pick the Top 3 winners of the XC1 class and the XC2 class. But, we also want you to state how far apart you think they will be across the finish line. The winner will be the one who gets the most podium riders correct and closest finish times (confused, see example below). Enter your Top 3 for each class and their time separation below in the comments. When posting, make sure you share your submission on Facebook.

Here is the trick though, we can filter the comments. So we will only accept your FIRST comment. We will see what you enter, what you delete and what you edit. So be smart about this people, because we will know who is trying to work the system! Submissions will be accepted until 10am cst on Saturday, November 3rd. Any submissions after will not be part of the selection process.

We will announce the winner on Monday, Nov. 5th, and post their submission for all to revel in it’s glory. The prize for this competition is a Seat Time Pint Glass, Koozie and a set of stickers. You will now be able to enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome from all aspects of life.

Have fun, be smart and enjoy!


1. Russell – 0 seconds
2. Whibley – 3 seconds
3. Milner – 6 seconds

1. DeLong – 0 seconds
2. Thomas – 6 seconds
3. Baylor – 1 second

This is not a prediction on how the finish will turn out, but an example of how to submit. Top 3 riders for each class and their time separation as they come through the checkered.