The main reason why I ride is to be creative. There’s something really fun about being creative. It allows you to open up more opportunities and share that with other people. My favorite type of riding is mountain biking. It allows me to be creative and, at the same time, get a lot of exercise.

kid mountain biking on backyard trails

I began mountain biking this year, actually. Once the world shut down, I needed an escape. So, I began building backyard mountain biking trails. These trails allowed me to be creative, and I was able to progress my riding skills and cope with everything that was going on. My inspiration to start mountain biking was my cousin. He already had trails, and I didn’t want to miss out on what he was experiencing. Thanks to him, I was able to turn what felt like the end of the world into a more positive event.

One of my favorite memories, I wasn’t even on a ride. I was in my grandparents’ backyard with my cousin. This is when I first gained confidence and began to jump. Although it wasn’t much, I felt proud and got my confidence boosted. I cherish this moment because it keeps me riding. It lets me know that you learn something new every day. And one day, it will all come together again.

kid riding mountain bike on wooden feature

My favorite place in the world to ride is my own backyard. I am so fond of it because it’s my own space. I am in charge of what goes on, and I can be creative and build things that I want to ride! I can also share this creative environment with YouTube and even friends and family. In conclusion, I like to ride for many reasons, but the main reason is being creative!

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