I would definitely say dirt bikes are my favorite type of riding. I’ve always had a dirt bike since I was four when my dad got me started. I just love them. No matter what happens, I will always have my dirt bike. I think for me, it’s the fact I feel at home when I ride. 

In 2018 I decided to start racing again, and I had completed a sprint enduro. I got dead last. About a month later, I went to the Huntersville enduro. I was in decent shape from football camps and strength and conditioning programs. The struggle was so much different than anything I had ever experienced before. I couldn’t have been less prepared for the race. My hands were cramping, I had insane arm pump, and after I completed the race, I was physically drained for three days. For me, it was special because I can say that I did it—and finished!

My favorite place to ride is The Huntersville state forest. I have not ridden at many different places, but I absolutely love the memories of my races there. Knowing that I can always hop on my bike and ride, forget about what is happening—that comforts me.

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