I love anything with two wheels. Motorcycles have always been my favorite for sure. Early on BMX consumed a lot of my life, it took me to many places and introduced me to a wide world of friends while making a living. I learned to ride bicycles around the age of four and motorcycles around seven. My Dad, Bill Slavik, was the one to feed the passion and the one who gave me the ability to follow my dreams and live my life behind bars.

A young Todd Slavik with his Yamaha 80.

Once tired of pedaling, for the past 27 years or so, I’ve thrown my leg over a dirt bike and enjoyed the ride since. I have been blessed with moto friends and family. It’s crazy to think I’ve ridden with childhood heroes and rode areas that others dream of. It’s crazy now to think at 54 years of age. Downhill Mountains is another passion I can’t live without. And did I say anything about Jeeping? 

What’s one of your favorite memories?

OMG, how can I pick one or a favorite from riding BMX, offroad motorcycle, and downhill mountain biking? The first time I was blown away and fueled the fire for my love of riding in Colorado had to be the MSR Ride The Rockies with Malcolm Smith. In 1996 I was invited to go to the so-called “Malcolm Ride” by MSR and Tucker Rocky and felt overwhelmed because they knew my BMX background. From that one epic weekend, I gained a lifelong riding buddy of 25 years, a love to ride in the mountains of Colorado, and the respect of watching and spending time with a motorcycle icon.

Todd Slavik riding motocross with Guy Cooper.

My love of riding in the mountain stems from that weekend with the MSR Ride. The reason I love riding in Colorado is simple: mountains, mountains, mountains! It’s the friends I get to enjoy that place with.  From my buddy, Haydn, whom I’ve made the trip with close to 20 plus times, to Guy Cooper, the Seat Time Adventures crew, my Tennessee boys, Team AllBallz family, the Colorado guys and girls, the Bush’s (two up duo), and the list goes on. Riding in the mountains doesn’t stop with a dirt bike. Ride the ski lifts and enjoy the gravity pull on your downhill mountain bike with 200 mm of suspension. Being able to enjoy the weekend with BMX buddies who’ll push your limits and bring you out of your comfort zone, it’s one of the great times spending each day testing and pushing each other to see who will cave first. I hold my friendships close to my heart. I’m blessed to have the ability to enjoy the two-wheel life.

Dirt bikers enjoying the Colorado single track.

I joke around with friends that “I do it for my fans.” I’ve spent my life entertaining others. No matter if it’s racing, jumping, or just going out for a freeride with friends, we have the most fun when we’re out testing each other or just going home with bragging rights like we just won practice. What inspires me? Still being able to ride dirt at a high level on anything with two wheels.

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