I learned to ride when I was 19. My dad inspired me to ride. My favorite type of riding is dirt, on two wheels, because it’s so much fun to explore different areas and cover miles of trail while keeping a smile on your face the whole time.

A ride I will never forget is a recent one where I took my son out to ride his first trail after he graduated from riding the barnyard. It’s a super easy trail, leading out of my Grandpa’s property, and has been the beginning and end of many a ride for all of us in the family. It was my Grandpa’s first time seeing my son ride, and even more special, my son is the fourth generation in our family to ride that trail. You could tell how proud my Grandpa was to see my son go from being worried about the trail to ripping back and forth on it in the matter of an hour.

A family riding dirt bikes together.

My favorite place to ride is Trinity County, CA, where my family is from. The trails are excellent, you can ride all day and not see another person, and my family roots run deep there. Knowing that I’m riding a trail that my dad rode as a kid is pretty special.

Two dirt bikers standing by the trail.

Above everything else, I love to ride for the thrill and the adventures it brings. Riding has become a family tradition, and riding with family continues to inspire me. My Grandpa rode all the way into his 80s, my dad and uncle still ride, I’ve taught my wife to ride, and now my four-year-old son is learning. Riding motorcycles continues to positively influence me and those around me and makes family bonds even tighter.

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