By: Brian Pierce

Cecil and Woody : TCCRA Buffalo Creek
June 25, 2012

This was shot using our GoPro’s at the TCCRA Buffalo Creek race during practice on May 19th. Cecil strapped on his…

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Cecil and Woody : TCCRA Archer City
June 21, 2012

This is actually the weekend that started it all for 2012. Cecil and I got a chance to ride together and…

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seat time kailub russell xc1 gncc champion
Seat Time with Kailub Russell : Movember ‘Stache
April 18, 2012

Kailub Russell is an 8-Time GNCC XC1 Champion, that’s quite a feat. Back in 2012, when this interview was recorded, he…

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seat time offroad podcast brad bakken 2012
Seat Time with Brad Bakken
February 12, 2012

Brad Bakken is a 21 year old cross country racer from Virginia. He has been gaining a lot of momentum throughout…

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dirt bike podcast seat time thumbnail for episode 37 with russell bobbitt
Purple Drank for [Russell] Bobbitt : Episode 37
October 5, 2011

National Enduro We’re pretty excited about Russell Bobbitt winning the Muddobbers National Enduro this past weekend. With this win, he edged…

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Interview with Josh Woessner : Dialogue, Tobacco and Special Endings
March 27, 2011

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Episode 6 : Windedage
February 19, 2011

There was no description for this episode, so I am pretty it is hidden GOLD! Make sure you enjoy it and…

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Episode 5 : Do I look dumb now?
February 10, 2011

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Episode 4 : In Memory of Nathan Woods
February 2, 2011

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Episode 3 : Derailment
January 25, 2011

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