The race program Josh Toth has for 2023 is what most racers dream of! It’s even cooler to hear that he chose this route, knowing he wanted to have certain life experiences  while he could; He doesn’t want to live a life of regrets.

Toth and I just finished racing the Black Buffalo National Enduro, so we had some VERY relevant thoughts on how awesome that race was. We also dive into his 2023 race program, and how he was able to put together such a cool program and schedule with Enduro Engineering, GasGas, and other sponsors.

It isn’t easy to jump back and forth between Hard Enduro and more traditional dirt bike racing, so it was cool to hear Toth’s perspective on the different disciplines. He even breaks down the differences for him between two strokes and four strokes, which I really enjoyed.

Thanks for listening, check out our latest video w/ Cole Kirkpatrick, and we’ll see ya next month!

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