The 2022 Shady Burro Enduro was more technical, there was more mud, and there were more moments of asking myself “why”. All that to say, it was an amazing race and I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to push myself on my dirt bike.

The Shady Burro Enduro is a two-day race in, and around, the rocky mountains of South Fork, Colorado. The 2021 edition was dry, and dusty, minus the creek crossings that caused the bikes to drag water onto the trail. The 2022 edition was just the opposite of last year; there was barely any dry trail in site and we rode a slip-n-slide of wet rocks and roots.

This race may not be billed as a hard enduro, but I know every hard enduro enthusiast would love the gnarly terrain and trails. I personally was in a weird place, my whoop metrics were off all week and I just never felt like I had full energy. Catching my breath at the high altitude was a struggle, but that’s all part of the event.

If you’re always looking for a challenging weekend on your dirt bike, the Shady Burro Enduro is a MUST DO event. You can do the event as a one day event (Sat or Sun), but I want you to test yourself and take on the full two days.

If we don’t see you on the trails, we’ll see you on the internet. Enjoy #GettingSeattime!

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