The growth of American Hard Enduro has shown us that racers are looking for more challenge, and more accomplishment, when racing their dirt bikes. The 2021 Shady Burro Enduro wasn’t a Hard Enduro Race, but it sure as hell was a tough event. It’s the type of enduro racing that I want to see more of. My only issue with the way Hard Enduros are being run currently is that they create bottlenecks that can cause racers to sit on the side of the trail, awaiting their attempt at having a rider help them lift their bike over an obstacle. Read more about my thoughts on my Tough Enduros article.

I want to see more events like what RMEC have done with the Shady Burro Enduro; long days on the bike, high mileage and tough terrain that makes you think. There are many challenges that come along with putting on a two day enduro; land access, proper terrain and organizers to name a few. This is where it comes down to us, the racers, to help organizers and non-profits with their communities to support the area we want to ride in.

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