The Monday after the 2021 Tennessee Knockout, Cody Webb and Mario Roman had a Hard Enduro Masterclass at the Trials Training Center. The rain that came in Sunday afternoon wrecked the property, but it made for some serious hard enduro conditions, as well as hilarious footage of me riding a dirt bike.

Due to the large class size, and needing to leave early, I did not get a chance to ride with Mario Roman. Cody Webb was my teacher for the day and his hard enduro techniques are amazing to watch in person. 

Being on a borrowed Sherco wasn’t easy for me. It was one of Wade Young‘s old bikes and it was touchy AF! That’s not an excuse, because you have to deal with the cards you’re dealt. I just knew I would be doing a lot of listening to take these bike control skills home with me to continue to practice. 

Overall the three hours I had with Cody Webb was impressive. Watching his trials skills on a big bike in-person is something you can hardly believe when you’re watching it. I don’t have aspirations of being as awesome as these hard enduro racers, but I do know these tricks and tips have given me a lot of skills to work on. 

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