The CounterShox is said to provide high frequency smoothing for sharp impulse frequencies that reduce rider ‘Death Gripping, reduce front wheel deflection, and reduce rider fatigue. That’s a lot of big words! Did it do that?

CounterShox has created a tuned mass damper (TMD) for motorcycles. We believe there is a mountain bike version in the works as well. The concept is the device will help tame forces that interact with the front wheel. This way, less forces get brought to the suspension, the chassis, and the handlebars. Their website and marketing material says it “allows riders to get back on the throttle harder, it reduces fork topouts (better front fork effectiveness), and improves front wheel traction, tracking, and rolling”. Over time, we’ll see if we agree that the CounterShox does these things. So far, in rocky, fast terrain, we’re impressed with the results.

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