Getting the MAKO360 installed on my 2018 Sherco has been quite the journey. Not because XC Gear did anything wrong, but because I have an early-ish Sherco Two Stroke as the brand was still evolving in the United States. The odd, one-off, part numbers we discovered for the top triple clamp makes me wonder what other parts of this bike are “special”.

The important part of this video is problem solving to find a solution and talking through how vast the vibration dampening and abuse reduction ecosystem really is. XC Gear and Sherco were extremely helpful in helping me figure out why there was an issue with what should have been a simple installation. The companies making vibration dampening products are trying to make dirt bikers enjoy their time on their bikes that much more.

The Vibration Dampening and Abuse Reduction ecosystem has grown a lot, but it also has a lot more room to grow. Elastomers (i.e. rubber), can be used to do some pretty cool things. This is where mountain bike suspension started, and look where they are now. So what’s next, where do companies like Fasst Company, BRP, and XC Gear take these markets? Or do more companies have solutions that haven’t been brought to market yet?

As dirt bikes evolve from combustion engines toward electric engines, what new technology will work its way into our midst? Will engineers from companies like the defunct Alta, or the fledgling Stark Future, bring entirely new concepts that we will quickly integrate? I’m excited to see where these two wheel machines of greatness evolve, and where they take us! Enjoy #GettingSeattime!!

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