We recently took a 10 day RV Trip with the entire Pierce family; two adults, three kids and one large dog! It was an amazing time that brought us through Santa Fe, New Mexico so we could hang out in Montrose, Colorado. We stayed at the Riverbend RV Resort on the Uncompahgre River where we had a AMAZING spot right on the rivers bend! While in Montrose, I was lucky enough to join Morgan from Highland Cycles on his #GospelofTwoWheels show, ride with the locals on their Thursday night ride, check out the local Montrose ER, and then attempt to ride Peach Valley and the Uncompahgre Plateau (again). This is the beginning of that journey on two wheels.

Due to the time of year, the Thursday Night Ride the locals take part in involves some trail work. The snow over the winter, and then the windy season that just wrapped up, leaves many large trees strewn across the aspen single track. The local throttle twisters load up the chainsaws (cough, cough), hand saws, and warmed up their lifting muscles to help make the Uncompahgre Plateau trails safer for the upcoming riding season.

Aspen Single Track just outside Montrose, CO.

Not having a chainsaw on the front of the Sherco, I knew I was going to be told what to do. I feel like I did my part well, until we decided Morgan should ride a technical feature we left in the trail. That’s where rider skill, group decisions, and filming location all took a back seat to common sense. The video showcases what happened and how the emergency room visit went for me. When it’s all said and done, I’m REALLY lucky. Know we all understand we made quite a few mistakes while out on the trail. PLEASE learn from them and use the comments in a respectful manner. If not, well, whatever; welcome to the internet.

In the ER, awaiting a good cleaning and stitches in my Single Track Mind shirt.

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