2018 Sherco 300 SE-R Unboxing and First Ride

Woody even mentions in the video that he hopes he’ll see y’all at the Zink Ranch National Enduro in Oklahoma. By now that was a few weeks ago. Sorry for slacking, but we’ve been running around making offroad podcasts and drinking in New Orleans.

After riding the 2017 Sherco 450 SEF-R Factory Edition four stroke earlier this year, Woody made the statement that he would purchase a Sherco. Well, here ya go, it has happened! He purchased the two stroke 300, because it was time for another TWO STROKE!

The Sherco will need to be ridden a lot more for us to have some true statements to make about the bike. Woody is having issues deciding on the right springs rates. The manual says to stay stock for his weight, but then the sag #’s don’t add up. Time to keep playing around.

The front forks are the older WP open bath forks, with compression, rebound AND PRELOAD adjustments! Once we get to spend more time riding and testing, these forks are going to get SUPER dialed in!

In case you missed the Zink Ranch National Enduro video, please check it out: http://bit.ly/ST-2017-ZINK

Want to watch the Sherco 450 videos, the playlist is here: http://bit.ly/ST-Sherco

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