Less than a full week away from the start of the 2013 GNCC Season, Brian and his guests, Zack Huberty, Larry Zimmerman and Garrett Andrews, talk about some of the off-season shenanigans and share their thoughts on riders and racing going into the whooped out sand course of River Ranch, Florida. Talks about the NEPG, Big 6, LACC and TCCRA have their place as well in this discussion.

Zack Huberty is a young gun out of the North East who has begun his moto media career by helping out at Trailer Rider Magazine and OffroadViking.com. Natural progression has brought him onto the show to share his thoughts, opinions and reasons for not using chamois butter. Larry Zimmerman, a local FLY Racing Rep, came in to help us promote FLY Racing for being a great partner with Seat Time. Though he may appear old and slow, he still knows how to hold the throttle wide open. Garrett Andrews is the main marketing guy at Motul USA and he wants to know you. Not in the biblical sense, but in the email sort of way. He’ll make ya famous.

As we move into the crazy week that is Bike Week, we’re am sure there are bad ideas being thought up and preparations for failed procreation. Everyone stay safe and email us your great riding and racing stories to us at stories@seattime.co. We wanna talk about you on the show and possibly give you free stuff.

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Seat Time Episode 76