Johnny Campbell talks GNCC, Tim Cotter talks AMA & Cory Graffunder talks Sherco and J-B Weld

Star studded cast, we think so. Johnny Campbell has just arrived in Florida to do some GNCC testing with Chris Bach. He has taken some time to chat with us about why they are not doing any more desert racing, for now, and why JCR and American Honda are focusing on GNCC and Endurocross. Bach and Haaker are awesome members to have on the team and JCR will be a team to watch for in 2014. There is also apparently some special releases to come out soon between JCR and Fly Racing, so keep your eyes peeled.

Tim Cotter has been around the sport of Motocross and GNCC racing for a long time. That’s not an age comment, that’s to make you realize this man knows what he is talking about. He is very candid about why the GNCC Series was not AMA Sanctioned for a few years and why they are again for 2014 and the coming years. Hopefully all the negative nancies out there realize this is certainly for their, and our sports, best interests and they hug Tim Cotter when they see him in Florida.

Cory Graffunder is on a Sherco for 2014 and he just got done racing the King of the Motos this past weekend. He didn’t win. In fact, he didn’t make the top three. But that’s ok because he is resourceful and that’s why he’s on the show. Somewhere during the last gnarly part of the race, he lost part of the gasket on the top of his Sherco 300’s engine. He quickly pulled out his bum bag and used J-B Weld to attach a rock to his engine to stop the leak and finish the race. HERO STATUS for the win! It’s a great story and we hope you all enjoy.

We are working hard to keep the shows going as we lead up to the start of many more Series for 2014. If you have certain subjects you’d like us to cover, let us know. Remember to tune in live every Tuesday night at 8pm CST or listen in to our archived shows on YouTube, Stitcher or iTunes. Remember to enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome and have fun out there. We’ll see you next Tuesday.

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Seat Time Episode 115 with Johnny Campbell, Tim Cotter and Cory Graffunder