This was suppose to be Jason Hooper’s virgin debut on Seat Time LIVE. Even though I did get it working, it took some real brain busting. Apparently my wife had moved my computer at some point and in doing so unplugged my USB hub, which powers my cameras and microphones. It took me 45 minutes of restarting different applications to then realize the male end of the mini-usb cable was staring me in the face, pretty much laughing at me for being an idiot. The whole time I was trying to blame technology for screwing up my live feed, but the reality of it is that it was user error and I can not blame my wife. Hopefully the banter between Hoop and myself is worth the wait!

Seat Time Episode 63We did have a lot of good stuff to talk about though. Having just gotten back from the Loretta Lynn’s GNCC, we got to watch Paul Whibley and Jason Thomas win there respective XC1 and XC2 Championships. The racing was a bit boring, considering how awesome we thought it was going to be. Lots of interesting stuff going on that will certainly create some battles for 2013. 2013 also holds multiple deals for riders, rumors and and the media. It is going to be exciting as all this new information gets released.

Have fun, be safe and remember to always enjoy a Pint Full of Awesome!

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