Fantastic Fan Installation

The Moto Van Build continues, this time with the installation of a Fantastic Fan where an AC Unit used to be.

As you can see from the opening shots, 11 years of gunk had built up under the AC Unit that used to sit on top of the Sprinter. I spent a lot of time filing, sanding and cleaning this area up so the fantastic fan would have as smooth a surface as possible to mount to.

After years of the Van Conversion movement evolving the parts and accessories available, I would of preferred to have installed a MaxxAir Fan. We happened to have this Fantastic Fan sitting from a previous desire to install on the Sprinter. So here we are, installing a Fantastic Fan when the MaxxAir Fans are the best ones out there.

The tape kit you see me using is from Adventure Wagon. If you aren’t following these guys on youtube do it. They’re not a group of random people installing pieces and parts on a van, they are experienced professionals who are sharing knowledge and creating epic kits for those of us who want to create a fool-proof van conversion.

Want to buy some parts from them, check them out on their website.

Parts List and Links

Want to buy the 3m Extreme Sealing Tape, here’s an Amazon link:

If you buy the Tape, make sure you buy the 3M Primer 94 Sticks to prepare the surface:

Next comes batteries, a fuse box and wires to the fan. After that, I’m insulating the floor, installing L-Track and laying down new flooring.

Here are all the parts I’m using from Amazon as the Moto Van comes to life: