Fixing a bent & twisted radiator was a simple task, and the tools used were straightforward as well (sand hammer, wood block, & manipulating stick). Hopefully this helps y’all when you have a radiator that needs tweaking.

After a few too many hard enduro sessions with the boys, I realized my left radiator on the Sherco was really badly bent. Somehow the inlet for the radiator hose was also out of round, so I would need to figure out how to get that round again as well.

The tools you need for a bent radiator are a hammer and a piece of wood. If you need some extra manipulation, some Propane or MAPP gas will be helpful to heat the radiator up. For the hose inlet, I used sockets and and extension to slowly round back out the bent inlet. Most important thing to remember is to have patience. If you move to fast, you’ll be fixing a leaking radiator as well.

Hopefully this helps y’all straighten your bent radiator. Ask questions if you have them, or leave comments with other ideas and techniques.

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